Kupka - Studie k Amorfě čb

Etching on paper (1913), 24×16 cm, 63,5×51,5 cm (including frame), singed in the left lower corner of the print, stamp Kupka in the right lower corner. Etching related to Amorpha. Origin: Auction House Prague.

Exhibited at the French Institute Praha, 14.9.-3.11.2016.

The highest price achieved in auction for Kupka´s oil on canvas – 56 million CZK in the year 2012, Adolf Loos Apartment and Gallery, Prague.
The highest price achieved in auction for Kupka´s graphics – 8 thousand USD, Sotheby’s New York.
The highest known price for Kupka´s graphics achieved in gallery sale – 500 thousand CZK in the year 2016, Prague.

Both the coloured and the black & white versions of the etching positively belong to many of the other studies to the famous Kupka´s work Amorpha (it exists in several versions also), which is in the collection of the Prague National Gallery. Kupka was coming back during his whole carrier to this way of abstract expression in the image, which should in the same time express a true relation to the reality. It is not possible to say that his carrier was divided to certain phases and linear development: similar studies, graphics and drawings are found in Kupka´s work in the span of several decades. On the basis of labelling, which theorists occupying themselves with studying the work of Kupka are using, this study belongs to the cosmological ones.

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